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Israel Spiritual Connections provides information about African American sabbath keeping churches.

Although Black sabbath keeping churches are not monolithic in practices, the ones on this website agree about some primary things.

  • Black people are the people of the book, the lost tribes of Israel, and we have been dispersed throughout the world via the Mid-Atlantic slave trade.
  • They follow the Biblical Holy Days and reject Christmas, Easter and any other pagan holidays.
  • They believe Yahshua/Jesus is the Messiah, the son of Yahweh/God.

Baltimore Area Assemblies

The Church of God Gethsemane Spiritual Temple

3602 Gwynn Oak Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207 410-664-4005


House of Jacob Congregation, Church of God

418 E. Eager Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Yahushua Ministries House of Prayer

Audio Services via conference line 516-253-3286

Saturday 11:00 am

Hebrew Israelite

The House of Yisrael Assembly of YAHWEH

6515 Harford Rd, Baltimore, Maryland 21214

Sabbath evening (Friday night) 7:30 PM

Sabbath day (Saturday morning) 11:30 AM. 443-326-2565

Hebrew Israelite

Beth Yahweh Congregation

Saturdays 2:30 pm

On nice days they meet in Druid Hill Park. Call before you go for the exact location.

To confirm: 527-520-0270

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